Radhiya, East Champaran, Postcode - 845458



The academic program has been designed around the National Curriculum Framework (by CBSE & NCERT). It builds and connects knowledge to life outside the school and tries to do away from rote methods. While the curriculum goes beyond textbooks, it makes examinations more flexible.

Curriculum addresses the challenge of quality in the system that seeks to reach every child in the exclusive triangle of equality, quality and quantity. The education aims to build a commitment to democratic values of equality, justice, freedom, concern for others' well being, secularism, respect for human dignity and rights. It aims at fostering independence of thought and action, sensitivity to others' well being and feelings, learning to learn and unlearn, ability to work for developing a social temper and inculcate aesthetic appreciation.

In achieving so, an atmosphere of relaxed easy human relationship between the children and the teachers pervades the class room.

Learning tasks and experiences are designed to ensure that children seek out knowledge from places other than the textbooks-from their own experiences, their experiences at home, community, and from the library.