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21st Century Learning

Learning Campus for 21st Century

A 21st century education makes students flexible, adaptive and creative. Student learning is more self directed and collaborative and teachers take note of individual strengths of each child.

Students are at the heart of design

Student requirement forms the core of the design inputs that has gone on to create the DHURVI SMART campus. Experienced teachers shared what would enhance the student learning experience, all this and more have gone on to making the DHURVI a SMART campus.

State of the Art Engineering

Experts say school building and design have a huge impact on the student learning experience. Gaining access to world class infrastructure and learning environments elevates the learning journey.

This 21st century campus is thoughtfully designed as a 'nest' by leading architects to emulate a nurturing environment and pedagogy for an enhanced learning experience for every student.

Our SMART Campus has latest Augmented reality tools in every classroom to give your child the edge he/she needs to tackle challenges of tomorrow.

Built for 21st Century

21st century learning will provide innovative learning methodologies in new and flexible space, where smaller and more personal student communities can huddle together, to get the best out of the ocean of knowledge and information available at the click of a button.

Our DHURVI SMART Campus is the answer to all these modern-day schooling requirements. A place for students to be educated through interactive and fun methods of learning, where they express themselves and shape their personalities with ample help from educators, and where they are groomed to innovate and imagine, and be entrepreneurial in spirit to change the world of tomorrow.

DHURVI SMART Campus is the school of the 21st century.

Enhanced Learning With Smart Campus

The digitally-savvy DHURVI SMART Campus is an epitome of new age learning, where every technology, every facility and every design has been carefully formulated to give them the best academic and extracurricular pedagogy for their benefit.

SMART features like Wi-Fi enabled classrooms and Sports Analytics fields are in place to give students the best tools in the business to enhance their individual performance in academia as well as in extra-curricular activities.

The SMART Campus is a place to learn everything from Science to Arts, Languages to Skills under a single roof to help your child grow into a well-rounded individual and a responsible citizen of the future.

Ideas and Concepts Contributed by Several Teachers

Although the best architectural minds came up with the 'nest' concept as a nurturing ground for students, it is the valuable inputs from several teachers that have added a personal touch to the design of this 21st century school. Brainstorming, discussing and pooling in ideas from best practises and correct practises in the industry, our dedicated team of teachers indulged in an in-depth and meaningful discussion for over three years to ensure that the right facilities are put in place for the overall benefit of our students during the making of the school. The result is a labour of love and true dedication of these educators who insisted on and ensured only the best for their students.